Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Size of An Acre

I am convinced that the size of an acre of land varies directly with the size of the man who manages it. The larger the man, the larger the acre...I once asked an old gardener how much land he had, and he said with pride that he owned once acre; and he added, "It is a wonderful acre: it reaches to the center of the earth in one direction, and it takes in the stars in the other." This man's farm included not only the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but it contained the entire rainbow. - Liberty Hyde Bailey, 1911


  1. I thought this was from either The Harvest or The Garden Lover, but you have 1911 listed... where did you find it? Outlook to Nature?

  2. This piece appeared in an obscure 1911 magazine, "The Youth's Companion." It would later resurface in Bailey's, "The Harvest" in 1927. A true recycler!

  3. Wonderful image. Wouldn't it be lovely if people saw each other the way that farmer saw his land?