Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Spirit of the Home Garden

    There are as many forms and kinds of gardens as there are persons who have gardens; and this is one reason why the garden appeals to every one, and why it may become the expression of personality. You need follow no man's plan. The simplest garden is likely to be the best, merely because it is the expression of a simple and teachable life.
Grow the plants that you want, but do not want too many. Most persons when they make a garden order a quantity of labels. Fatal mistake! Labels are for collections of plants- -collections so big that you cannot remember, and when you cannot remember you lose the intimacy, and when you lose the intimacy you lose the essence of the garden. -L.H., Bailey, The Spirit of the Home Garden in, How to make a flower garden: a manual of practical information and suggestions, 1903

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